Tillsonburg Fair  Aug.16-18/2019

Let’s Make This Small Town Fair More Fun and
Exciting This Year!

Experience Tillsonburg Fair Like Never Before 

Every year, over 6,000 people come together at the Tillsonburg Fair to celebrate our community’s strong sense of camaraderie, toast to our small town’s rich culture, discover new artists in the local scene, and check out what’s new in the local market.

On our 165th year, we promise to make this small town fair more exciting by adding thrilling attractions, introducing new vendors, and featuring fresh artists to keep you entertained and engaged throughout the three-day event.

Come and join us to experience this much-awaited annual local fair like never before. Exciting things await you and the whole family! Here are some of the things we prepared for you:

    • Demolition Derby
    • Comicon
    • Live Entertainment
    • Carnival
    • Food Fair
    • Fun Games
  • And a Whole Lot More!

About the Tillsonburg Fair 

The Tillsonburg Fair is a local fair in Ontario run solely by volunteers. Licenced and insured, our non-profit organisation is affiliated with the Thrill Show Productions for our demolition derby events.

More Information Coming Soon

Mission Statement 

Our volunteers work hand in hand to bring you a family-friendly fair with the intention of bettering the community.

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